Meet The Band


What can I say? This highly energetic band's history is nothing less than phenomenal. Due to Jon and Travis’ past experience in entertainment, they bring a ton of excitement to the stage. And it all began with a dynamic duo consisting of Jon Bulack and Travis M. Patterson. They started their musical relationship as professional break dancers and have been performing and entertaining audiences in many arenas--from dancing for the New York Times proclaimed best director in New York, to being on MTV's America’s Best Dance Crew and other television stations. After conquering the dance industry, Travis and Jon moved on to creating music. Travis began writing songs while Jon started working on creating instrumentals. Sometime after that, Travis met his wife Suzi, a vocalist sensation. Suzi grew up in a house full of singers where she developed her vocal strength through her dad’s Karaoke. Together, the three of them form what I would call a triple threat! This trio built a recording studio which gave them the ability and skills to complete the entire process of making music. The team had dreams of getting the name The Wolf HunterZ, adding metal to their sound, and also moving to Cleveland, Ohio. They really gave a deeper meaning to following their dreams. There they met Marissa and Danny. Instantly, the connection was made, personalities mended, and a band was born. While The Wolf Hunters are able to create many different genres of music, the group is characterized as an alternative rock, nu metal, alternative metal, rap rock, rap metal, and electronic rock band and is designed for anyone who enjoys music--not just those who like metal. The Wolf HunterZ is brand new and is a mix of vocalists, guitar, drums, and electronic elements. Marked by destiny and created for greatness, this band is sure to rock the music industry. 

After 20 years of working and 8 years managing the world famous Agora in Cleveland, Ohio, Jacci Hammer says,”This band is not only professional and versatile, but their passionate performance style really enhances their solid menu of well orchestrated songs.”